Have You Ever……???


Have you ever loved someone and not realized how much you loved them, until they have left?
Have you ever had the urge to pick up the phone and call them to say how you feel?
Have you ever had doubts about how they would react?
Have you ever felt awed by how much your world revolved around them, without you being aware of it?
Have you ever wondered how patiently they kept up with your tantrums?
Have you ever thought how they have stood by you through thick and thin?
Have you ever realized how easily they shared your laughter and your tears?
Have you ever felt your eyes brim with all this?
Have you ever heard the sound of your heart break?


Intangible Loneliness


“The Kiss” – Painting By Freydoon Rassouli

A silent night with moonlight kissing the sky

A caressing wind makes the leaves fly

A lonely soul with searching eyes

A lonely heart with broken ties

An unsung song in the heart

A wishful thought in the path

An undreamt dream in the mind

Moments lost, now hard to find

Across the road, stands a silhouette

Passing by, the eyes met

An untouched love, a silent moment

An untold word, all emotions vent

Under The Familiar Blue Sky


Far beyond the horizon

Under the familiar blue sky

Stands a tree from my childhood

Whose leaves have fallen by

It’s a symbol of my strength

It’s a symbol of my dreams

For under its shade I have spent

Many a days of blissful retreat

Lying in its comfort

I have seen the clouds float across

From near its roots everyday

I had plucked the flowers and grass

Running squirrels and changing chameleons

On its thick trunk, each day

Had made me think and ponder

Of a life that could be gay

Far beyond the horizon

Under the familiar blue sky

It’s all still there: the trees, the shade, the birds, the grass

It’s all still there: the dreams, the strength, the thoughts, the flowers

C’est La Vie

I stand as a silent spectator and observe the ever changing dynamics around.

Circumstances and people, both, can change at a pace faster than you can sometimes keep up to.

New faces replace the old ones, ditto with relationships.

A faint memory still tries to keep alive the blissful moments, in times of desperate redresses.

The definitions of friendships are being re-written and the endearments no longer stand for affection.

Awkwardness looms large in the company of same people with whom you might have shared a zillion smiles.

Familiarity has become a breeding ground of discords.

The non stop flow of words are being superseded with silence.

The once non-calculable distances are now being measured in miles and hours.

No more are there the proximities that secured the strings of fondness and associations of complete strangers.

Forced into oblivion, the heart at times yearns for the same familiar grounds.

A thought overshadows this mindful rambling, that maybe it is good in a way, as it assures that life is not stagnant, but evolving – although on its own terms.