Intangible Loneliness


“The Kiss” – Painting By Freydoon Rassouli

A silent night with moonlight kissing the sky

A caressing wind makes the leaves fly

A lonely soul with searching eyes

A lonely heart with broken ties

An unsung song in the heart

A wishful thought in the path

An undreamt dream in the mind

Moments lost, now hard to find

Across the road, stands a silhouette

Passing by, the eyes met

An untouched love, a silent moment

An untold word, all emotions vent


A Lighter Heart

Sitting in a coffee shop, a hot chocolate going cold, half opened Erich Segal’s Love Story…… The impression outside equally damp as the mood inside, the sky pouring and flashing……

Was around four in the evening but already looked like the night had set in… Couples in ecstatic sense of happiness lingering around the place and on bikes outside….

The hot chocolate going colder….eyes riveted on the classy wall clock…. Outside a bike passed and parked in a hurry….

All soaked in the rain, he finally enters the cafe, brushing his hair back, searching for the table… Looking at him a realization comes that over the days we have both changed. In lots of ways, and our friendship has changed too. Its grown stronger and closer from the moment we first met. It has led us to a deeper understanding, a sense of caring and respect as well, the assurance of a lasting relationship.

A smile lights up his face and the mood as he spots the table and heads towards it…. the usual calm that surrounds him is present here as well.

The chilled Pina Colada is ordered after being finally done with brushing his hair again and again. “I know the road has been rocky lately, but things will start getting better soon….and stop reading these good for nothing Love Stories”. A mild rebuke is followed by a ruffling of the hair again.

The pina colada arrives and is promptly pushed aside, followed by “Tell me now……”

Holding hands, his eyes not leaving the face for even a single moment as the tears flowed with the words, the hot chocolate got colder and the pina colada warmer….

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, passing a tissue across the table, still holding hands, says “coffee shops are no good, lets get some fresh air outside”.

Pays the coffee and leads the way out of the coffee shop on the calm and cool streets of Indiranagar….

Just walking silently, the leaves of the trees rustling, a lone cuckoo singing somewhere in the distance, the chilled breeze flowing through the hair….

“Look, don’t give situations too much of thought, your already less brain will wear off”.

Just the words to expect from him…..He has the knack of bringing smile and cheer to gloomy moods…..

At the sight of the first crack of smile on the face, he hit off with his rib tickling comments and dumb PJs (as I love to call it).

The same gloomy mood seemed so light, the air fragrant, the streets beautiful with flowers washed away by the rain…..

And at the end of this all, a lighter soul, a brighter smile and a stronger relationship…..