Have You Ever……???


Have you ever loved someone and not realized how much you loved them, until they have left?
Have you ever had the urge to pick up the phone and call them to say how you feel?
Have you ever had doubts about how they would react?
Have you ever felt awed by how much your world revolved around them, without you being aware of it?
Have you ever wondered how patiently they kept up with your tantrums?
Have you ever thought how they have stood by you through thick and thin?
Have you ever realized how easily they shared your laughter and your tears?
Have you ever felt your eyes brim with all this?
Have you ever heard the sound of your heart break?


Intangible Loneliness


“The Kiss” – Painting By Freydoon Rassouli

A silent night with moonlight kissing the sky

A caressing wind makes the leaves fly

A lonely soul with searching eyes

A lonely heart with broken ties

An unsung song in the heart

A wishful thought in the path

An undreamt dream in the mind

Moments lost, now hard to find

Across the road, stands a silhouette

Passing by, the eyes met

An untouched love, a silent moment

An untold word, all emotions vent


The soft glow of ember, still has the hints

Of the gashing fire it once was

The cold ash lies damp with the soul of the dying flame

I once created a universe which lies today with hopes

Of resurrecting again like a phoenix

I have the serenity of the zephyr

And the rage of the waters

I am the creator

I am the destroyer too

I am filled with light

I am also the dark moon

I learn and unlearn

I breach

I repress

I resent

I love….

I die once more today

So that I may live another day

Eternal Love

Far across the horizon

The sky kisses the earth

‘n clouds with silver lining

Brings warmth to the heart


The purple of the sky

Gets deeper every moment

Seems as though the passion

Brings glow with every movement


The could overcast ‘n

Darken the earth’s hue

The fear of separation

Turns ecstasy to few


The night sets in

To make things dark

The clouds start pouring

With electrifying spark


The tears of the sky

Drench the sad earth

This pure gift of love

Penetrates deep into his heart


Darkness envelopes their love

And leaves an emptiness

But with faith in their hearts

They face their loneliness