The Leaf and the Wind

Today I just walked down from my office to pick up a coffee at Starbucks, down Paternoster Square. Since work was a little less hectic, I decided to sit outside for a while. I picked up the coffee and found myself a comfortable seat at the square. It is sometimes so relaxing to just sit by yourself and notice the world go by. Every person crossing the square is in a hurry. The revolving door of London Stock Exchange has not stopped for even a moment with people leaving and entering the building. The Paternoster Chophouse has already started attracting the evening crowd for a couple of drinks.

Right in front of me stands the grand St. Paul’s Cathedral in all its beauty against the orangish-purple skyline. The bells of the church filling the whole place with its soothing sound.

My eyes get fixed on a lone tree standing at the corner of the square. Autumn has just started to hint in its leaves. The lower branches have, I guess, shed a few of its ornaments already. A lone orange leaf at the end of the branch still does not want to let go off its bearer. It flutters with the mild wind that blows across the square, as if frowning at the very thought of being separated with its bearer. It twists and turns with every gust of wind that is trying hard to make it understand that its time to let go. But the leaf certainly is in no mood to let go off its branch. It is still holding on and braving the challenge put forth by the wind. I can see it clearly that the grasp is getting frailer and frailer, but the will to stay is not getting frail. It tries to now bend up and cover a small area of the branch with all its left strength.

I think the wind is enjoying this game with the leaf. It so well knows that at the end it will succeed and exalt in its victory, but the poor leaf seems so unaware of this whole conspiracy. Another gust of wind arrives, this time stronger, teasing the leaf and going past it. The wind then decides to change its course and suddenly blows the other way round, picking the leaf with it and flinging it across the square. The detached leaf, this time, I guess with all its strength lost, gives in to the wind and rolls away with it to a bunch of leaves collected at far end of the square. Another gush of the wind sets the bunch of leaves in a whirlpool and it appears that all the leaves are dancing to the tune of the church bells and celebrating the arrival of this lone leaf that was for so long attached with the branch.

Its funny, how small things make you realise the most important things in life. It is so important to let go off everything in order to find your ground. Its so necessary at times at to let your inhibitions take a back seat and surrender to His will. Every thing is nature is so well crafted and follows such a perfect pattern. It is simply so amazing!

A beep on my phone reminds me that I need to get back to work. I leave the square with the leaves to celebrate, the wind to tease and the nature….it could not be more perfect!


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