London Re-Visited

“London has its charms”, came the pop up on my IM window from a friend, I replied, “Yes, sure it does”.

After a long conversation that followed it, I sat reminiscing the time I have spent there. Was it just the time that I spent there, or was it because of the people with whom I hung out? Would it have been different if I would not have met them? Yes, it would have been. They have enriched my life, I have found a totally new dimension to the relationships that I have today. They have gone to become my closest pals in such a short time. Its amazing how quickly we bonded together.

St. John’s House on Vine Street had become our usual hangout. Every weekend, we all used to gather there, for the best time that we have had. Playing dumb charades, making bhel, pani puri, dosas, celebrating birthdays, they all are still so etched in my memories and my heart.

Visiting the landmarks through out London, the temple at Southall and Neasden, the car drive to Birmingham, the trip to Scotland, the banter on the tube, the laughter on the buses, the shopping spree on Oxford Street………

Walking down Cheapside in the mornings with the hurrying office-goers, the quite and casual evening walks along Thames with the illuminated Tower Bridge, was such a splendid sight. Pigging out at the Borough Market, a cup of Chai DeLatte at Starbucks, the lunches with my colleagues across the river, dishing out the stones and occult stuff at Greenwich weekend market, Notting Hill Carnival…..

It all seems just so tangible still, I can still hear the chitter chatter, the fights, the cribbings, the laughters……still so real……though all of this is now a moment frozen in time and space, it will always be like the beautiful bundle of happiness in me….and I hope to be able to get those moments back with me soon…………


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