Last Thursday, while on my way to office, there was a bumper to bumper traffic on the roads of Bangalore. The traffic scene in Bangalore will very soon find a place in Guinness Book of World Records for deteriorating day by day and so will the traffic constables here for their how-does-it-matter-to-me attitude.

So on this particular day, in the office cab, we were stuck at the signal near Johnson Market that leads towards M.G. Road. The traffic was open for the vehicles moving from towards Victoria Road to Residency Road. Just behind our cab was an ambulance blaring its alarm in all possible ways.

In normal circumstances, the traffic constable has the authority to stop the traffic from the other side and let the traffic go and make way for the ambulance to go through. Well, but here the situation was totally different. The traffic constable on hearing the ambulance alarm, looked up from his spot in the middle of the road, where he had stopped a biker, supposedly to give a “traffic challan”. He then looked at the timer at the traffic lights which was at 165 and counting downwards. He chose to go ahead with the traffic challan and ignored the alarm. The ambulance kept honking and blaring its alarm, but the traffic constable turned deaf ears to all of this.

All the vehicles in front of the ambulance too kept honking to draw the attention of the traffic constable towards the ambulance, but he seemed to be very busy warming his pockets. The ambulance had to wait for the whole 2 and half minutes before the signal turned green and it could make its way through to rush the patient to the hospital. During all this, our “chivalrous” traffic constable did everything possible he could, to let the man’s condition inside the ambulance deteriorate and to warm up his already full pockets!!!


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