The Red Flag

Not many people would be aware of what the term Red Flag mean. Most would give an obvious answer that it is a symbol of the Left front in our country. Venture out to the deeper places of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand and you will find even a toothless baby telling you that it symbolizes freedom. Freedom from the system. It is the symbol of the self-declared Marxists who now almost rule these areas. They do not follow the government rules and regulations. And to add to that they even have an independent courtroom, whose decisions no one can challenge.

The Marxists started out as small time “Robin Hood” fellas who looted the rich and distributed the loot to the poor. Over time they were the talk of each household in these hamlets. More and more people started putting their trust on them and so did the recruitments to such groups increased. Today there is not a single house in these hamlets that do not have a member in one of these groups. What started out as a novel act suddenly took a blood stained path. Along with the loots there also were heard cases of killings. Such brutal murders that cannot be imagined.

These states as everyone knows are rich in mineral deposits. No sooner an approval for a mine to be opened is passed by the government, these groups just go and place a Red Flag in that area. The contractors appointed by the government are nothing but a toy in their hands. One actions against their wish could lead to the end of the person’s life.

One of my friend’s uncle, I still remember, owned an agricultural patch in one such hamlet. The Marxists gave an indication that it does not belong to him but to them from now on by just placing the flag. Uncle defied and his only mistake was that he went ahead and pulled out the flag from his land. Few days later he was abducted by a bunch of unknown people and no one heard of him for two months. Even the family was scared to register an FIR. Finally, after gaining much courage an FIR was filed and the search was launched. After almost 3 days of intense search in the deep forests, the sniffer dogs located a spot that looked like had been dug up quiet recently and covered back. On digging the spot, the police found a white cloth soaked in blood and inside it small pieces of the body of uncle. It could be identified only by the rings on his finger.

With such incidents a common happening and the authorities unable to counter these groups, how long would it be till India remains a democratic country, which boasts of equal rights? Many such Red Flag groups have sprung up in the past decade and many more are to come. The only question that remains is when will the government and the citizens of our country realize and be proactively involved in shaping the INDIA that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru dreamt of on the eve of August 15, 1947.


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